26 Victims Rescued after Another Earthquake in Turkey, At least 7 dead at the Spot

The earthquake that struck last night the Turkish province of Van has claimed the lives of at least seven people, while another 26 have been rescued from the rubble, said today Disaster Management and Emergency (AFAD).

The earthquake of 5.6 magnitude on the Richter scale, occurred at 21.23 yesterday (19.23 GMT) with epicenter in the town of Edremit, about 17 miles from Van, and hypocenter 5 km depth, which caused about 25 buildings including two hotels, he collapsed.

Another Earthquake in Turkey

26 People Rescued after 5.6 magnitude Earthquake Hits Van in Turkey

The last two men were rescued about 60 and 25, which remained under the rubble 11 hours, and another person, who spent 13 hours, reported NTV television.

The Mayor of Van, Bekir Kaya, told NTV that there are people trapped under the rubble of buildings destroyed four-the rest had already been evacuated, but an unknown number of people affected.

One of the collapsed buildings is the Hotel Bayram, which used to house the journalists and rescue teams who had come to Van 7.2 earthquake that on October 23, killing over 600 people.

The building “is not perceived signs that had been damaged. There were no cracks or tiles, or broken glass. And it had been renovated last year,” he told Efe a Spanish journalist who stayed at the hotel two weeks ago Bayram .

After being rescued from the ruins, the owner of the establishment of four plants, Aslan Bayram, told CNN-Turk, in fact, he and his family were residing at the hotel because they feared that their homes were not safe because the continuing aftershocks of the previous earthquake.

He said, “with four friends architects” had examined the potential damage that could have caused the earthquake earlier in the building but found no problems.

Last night, “as well as the workers had 27 guests. At the time of the earthquake, the hotel staff went out,” he said.

“Of the guests, 12 were outside the hotel. This means that at the time of the earthquake, 15 people were trapped. However, in the basement of the hotel had an establishment of sweets and not know how many people were there,” said Bayram.

At the bottom of the hotel also had a transport business and three people were trapped, hence the Turkish media might still be calculated over 30 people under the ruins of the building.

CNN-Turk reported, a Japanese Miyuki Konnai, who had come from his country to help the victims of the earthquake of October, was rescued tonight from the rubble of the hotel, injured, but conscious, but is unknown whereabouts of his partner.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Besir Atalay said 15 seriously injured have been transferred to the capital, Ankara, ambulances, helicopter, while another minister who was in the area said that a hundred young people were treated for trauma.

According to data from the AFAD, 16 military aircraft, cargo 3 and 3 civilians, have been sent to the area with relief supplies, rescue and medical equipment to support rescue units already operating in the region.

“We have mobilized all our teams and their numbers increase,” said Atalay, who met with the commanders of the armed forces to seek their cooperation.

Because the electricity was cut and he has felt a strong smell of gas after the collapse of buildings, rescue teams are working carefully to avoid explosion.

Dogan Kalafat, director of Istanbul’s Kandilli Simsmológico said that it was an earthquake of medium strength, which is not part of the aftershocks of the great earthquake of October, and “should not have caused harm.”

“We had already warned not to enter damaged buildings,” said the expert, and said that according to his data, the number of dead could rise to 80.

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