Palestine Become a 195th Member of Unesco: The Embassy of Palestine in Senegal Welcomes the Accession

Pending state to be admitted as a full member of the UN, Palestine just now to be the 195th member agency of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). Recognition hailed by its diplomatic mission in Senegal.

In a press release, the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Senegal welcomes the admission of Palestine as a member state of the UN agency for Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the 195th. ‘This has been validated, this Monday, October 31, 2011, by a vote at the general conference at the organization’s headquarters in Paris’, says the statement. Reminder that Palestine enjoyed so far as an observer to UNESCO. ‘There were 107 votes in favor, 52 abstentions and 14 against. This vote is a diplomatic breakthrough and gives impetus to the application for membership of Palestine to the UN ‘, the statement of the Embassy of Palestine in Senegal.

Palestine UNESCO member

Palestine Embassy in Senegal

The same source said that this event occurs simultaneously with the intensification of Israeli settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. But when the wave of Israeli violence falls hard on the Gaza Strip. According to the Chancery, when the hotly negotiated truce came into force again, Israel has again made heavy air strikes killing more than a dozen victims. Thus, the embassy “condemns in the strongest terms the criminal aggression of the Israeli occupation army against Gaza to maintain a climate of violence and instability in the region that will prevent any progress towards peace ‘.

Finally, the Embassy of the State of Palestine, Senegal invites governments ‘sister countries’ of Africa and the international community to continue ‘effective’ efforts in support of the Palestinian leadership for full membership of Palestine to the UN as a sovereign and independent on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. ‘Only such an approach is likely to ensure the realization of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. It will lasting peace and peaceful coexistence ‘, the statement said.

In response to this membership, Israel has imposed sanctions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to accelerate the colonization of East Jerusalem and part of the occupied West Bank. In addition, the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority have been frozen. These funds represent $ 50 million per month, or 30% of the Palestinian budget, and represent reimbursement of customs duties and VAT levied on products for the Palestinians passing through Israeli ports and airports. The United States, voted against the accession of Palestine to UNESCO, suspended payment of a $ 60 million to the organization for the month of November.

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