Samsung wants Apple iPhone 4S Banned in Japan and Australia

Samsung has introduced new demands in Japan and Australia courts in applying the ban on the sale of the iPhone 4S. The company is continuing its legal action to try to stop the sale of the new ‘smartphone’ of Apple.New demands for Samsung join similar initiatives of the company in France and Italy as well as Holland, where justice on Friday rejected his request.

Samsung wants  Apple iPhone Ban

Samsung Tries to Ban Apple Iphone 4s in Japan and Australia

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple is getting worse. Far from reaching an agreement, both companies are intensifying their efforts to prevent rival products reach the market. For now, Apple has been the most successful has been achieved since stop the sale of ‘tablets’ of Samsung in Australia and Germany. Samsung is responding to the judicial decisions against their products with claims and new demands.

Samsung’s latest move has prompted the company to lodge complaints against Apple in Japan and Australia. The South Korean company claims to justice in both countries to halt sales of the iPhone 4S, Apple’s new phone. Samsung has alleged infringement of patents by Apple systems involving mobile connection device.

Samsung’s decision to undertake further legal action has occurred after you file legal claims against the latest iPhone in France and Italy.These claims were less than a day after the device to make them available.

Since April, Apple and Samsung have been immersed in a bitter legal battle in 10 countries involving smart phones and ‘tablets’ of both companies. The devices of both brands are vying for first place in the rapidly growing markets.

Samsung’s recent attacks have occurred since the company has suffered several defeats in the courts. First, the German court halted sales of its ‘tablet’ Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Then in Australia, precautionary measures were taken as those of Germany. The company’s last loss took place last Friday, when Dutch justice dismissed his petition to freeze sales of the new iPhone 4S.

Samsung’s strategy is being returned to Apple demands. The latest move has taken place on Monday October 17. The South Korean company has filed petitions in Japan and Australia. Moreover, precisely in Australia, has appealed the court decision that is crippling the distribution of ‘tablets’ Galaxy Tab 10.1.

 “We respect Apple as one of our largest customers, but we will not stand idly by, letting that go against our interests,” he said last week the CEO of Samsung Electronics, Choi Gee-sung, according to a company spokesman said the last week.

Amid the legal battles, the president and chief operating officer of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jae-yong, went to the United States on Sunday to attend the private funeral organized by Apple Steve Jobs, as confirmed by a spokesman for Samsung Group.

Local media have speculated that Lee could have a meeting with the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, to discuss ways to resolve the dispute, but companies have not commented on this possibility.

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