Wikileaks in Danger: Washington Requires Google to Provide Data of Volunteers from WikiLeaks

The U.S. government has obtained a secret court order forcing Google and other companies smaller service providers to provide information of email accounts WikiLeaks volunteers .

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal , the order includes data requests email addresses of people with whom Jacob Appelbaum , a volunteer activist site has had correspondence in the past two years.However, the order does not refer to the total content of such emails.

WikiLeaks in Danger

WikiLeaks to be tracked thourgh google

Sonic The ISP said that he had fought the court order, but ultimately lost and was forced to deliver that information , as confirmed by its own director, Dane Jasper. For its part, Appelbaum has not been charged with charge.

The group of activists distributed WikiLeaks caused a major upset in the U.S. government last year to filter tens of thousands of U.S. intelligence files and diplomatic cables from U.S. embassies shamed and rated videos of U.S. military operations in Iraq.

The order affects Google is dated January 4, 2011, and requires that the giant delivers the IP address from which you posted to your account Appelbaum Gmail and email addresses and IP addresses of users who communicate from November 1, 2009 . According to the American newspaper, it is unclear if Google fought the order or deliver data quickly.

This controversial court order could add fuel to the fire that has caused the debate on a controversial law – Electronic Communications Privacy Act – which allows the U.S. government secretly obtain information from those emails and mobile phones without a warrant.

That same year, also in January, Twitter faced a similar court order in which it was required to detail the accounts of several Wikileaks supporters, including Appelbaum, as part of a criminal investigation initiated by the Department of Justice on the most leakage of confidential documents from the U.S..

Appelbaum is a project developer for the Tor , a nonprofit organization that provides free tools that help people maintain their anonymity online.

Twitter has not provided information on the accounts of the supporters of Wikileaks , says The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the investigation.

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