The U.S. Supreme Does Not Save the Life of Troy Davis

It consumed the final legal step and Troy Davis has been executed. Once the Supreme Court spoke of the United States had more to say. All legal channels were closed. United States was preparing to commit another homicide and legal- 1269 go since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976 -. Davis earned him four hours and eight minutes of life to death, with whom he had an appointment at seven in the evening (U.S. Eastern Time). It is certified that his heart had stopped at 11:08 (5.08 am in mainland Spain), after 15 minutes which gave him a lethal cocktail of barbiturates, including veterinary anesthesia, due to the scarcity of that regularly applied, which ended his life, tied to a stretcher, proclaiming his innocence to the end.

Troy Davis Recent PhotoThe wait was perhaps worse than death itself. The last hours of Davis’s life became a roller coaster that made ​​him believe, and the world, which perhaps survive his sentence once more , as it had in the last minute in three times before. In 2008, Davis refused his last meal even because he trusted that his action would prosper. This time I took it. And definitely the last.

In a move with little precedent in the history of the death penalty, defense lawyers presented ‘in extremis’ at 6.25 pm, Washington time in the absence of 35 minutes to start the execution, a petition to the Supreme Court the nation to reconsider the case, that you take a last look and see if there was any loophole, any chance of a freeze on the death of Davis. This had the entire dossier of the case with every one of the appeals that have been made since 1991, when he was convicted.

Trioy Davis DeathThe Supemo, whose sessions have not started yet, they will not until the first Monday in October, did not have all its members in the capital of the nation reason analysts have pointed to explain why it took so long for the time to rule, which did nothing but raise expectations that the execution may be postponed indefinitely. Because the Supreme warned from the outset: this is a delay, not a postponement. Davis could be executed at any moment, as it were. -On an earlier occasion in January this year, the Supreme Judge Clarence Thomas (each judge is responsible for a judicial circuit, and georgia is for Thomas) suspended the execution of Emmanuel Hammond-penned also on death row Jackson, Georgia, for four minutes and thirty-nine seconds to finish, concluding that it should proceed and take the life of the prisoner. Four minutes and thirty-nine seconds to make a decision of that caliber who wrote on a sheet on one side.

The explosion of joy among those who gathered for Davis at the gates of the prison in Jackson (about 80 miles from Atlanta, Georgia) looked like shadowy, nuanced. The defendant was not entirely safe. It was a new blow that had been half an hour earlier when the Supreme state of Georgia, refused clemency to the prisoner and gave the green light to start applying the maximum penalty.

Were very few hours, but frantic. Until he ran out of doubt, anguish and hope. The Supreme Court not stopped the execution. It found that Davis had not had a fair trial. There was more to say. Justice had been done, had ruled and it was fulfilled. Twenty years later there was no room for further delays. Davis would not pass another night in the corridor of death. would be led to the gallows , and would be part of the cold and cruel handling U.S. figures on the death penalty.

Troy Davis lived under the premise of being responsible while trying to prove otherwise. If one day could prove his innocence as he continued to claim to be strapped to the gurney in the death-room, will arrive too late, already a corpse. You can free a man from prison but not in the grave.

Many irregularities

The case of the black man of 42 years has been plagued by irregularities and defense lawyers presented to Davis as “Jim Crow in modern times,” referring to the segregation laws that created two classes of citizens in the U.S. until the mid-sixties. Before the trial, the police forced the willingness of some witnesses that Davis chose a lineup before it showing pictures of the man who had already chosen as the culprit. The same wheel was carried out by a policeman who was involved in research which increased its power to influence witnesses.

Troy Davis was arrested for the murder in 1989 of a white policeman of 22 years who went undercover to help a homeless man who was being beaten by other beggars who tried to steal a beer. During the trial could not be submitted because the murder weapon was never found no DNA evidence was provided. Still, Davis was sentenced to death in 1991 executed by the State of Georgia.

In the decades that have passed since the trial, Davis has been on the verge of being brought to the gallows when his sentence was stopped on three occasions. In those twenty years, at least seven of the ten witnesses who accused Davis have repented of their testimonies. Another person insists that the real culprit is in the street and show off police crime Mark McPhail. Provides names.

The EU, Amnesty International, yesterday the Vatican and France have asked the U.S. to stop the execution of Davis. “By executing a convict whose guilt there is serious doubt, be committed an irreparable mistake,” said AFP deputy spokesman of the Ministry Foreign Romain Nadal. Not worth anything.

None of this has had weight in the Court of Appeals and the Georgia Pardons. Yes it was the emotional testimony of the McPhail family, whose children are now 20 years young and were almost babies when their father was shot. The mother, the wife and descendants of Davis McPhail want to die. Davis is guilty. “We are the real victims here,” he said Monday MacPhail’s widow, Joan, outside the headquarters of the board of pardons in Atlanta, where he said that she and her two children attend the execution.

Police the boy’s mother, Anneliese MacPhail, said hours before the death of the prisoner that the case had stretched too long and it was time to close with the death of the man who killed his son, in his words. “My son was full of life and became a policeman to protect us and fatally wounded by helping a poor man.” “Davis is guilty and must die,” insisted the mother. According to experts, the testimony of family revenge claiming that justice is provided a silver determinente had a weight when the Court of Pardons decided to rule against the resources of clemency requests by lawyers of the convicted .

Amnesty International (AI) released on Tuesday a letter Davis urged his followers to continue the battle against the death penalty. “The struggle for justice is not just me,” Davis said in the letter posted on Facebook and on their website. Davis said he felt calm. He conducted a medical examination. He was offered his last meal-you missed. He was given the chance to take a painkiller, which he refused. He could say a few words that would not be the last because it would delay the execution. “This fight is for all Troy Davis who came before me and all who come after me,” he said. “I’m in good spirits and I am praying and peacefully. But I will not stop fighting until you have breathed my last breath.”

After the rejection of the pardon on Tuesday , the director of the Center for Information on the Death Penalty (DPIC, an acronym in English) United States considered highly unlikely that the execution of Davis could be avoided, unless some new element in the last minute. It seemed that there would be but has not been the case.

The Diaro The New York Times yesterday devoted its first editorial on the case. Speak the death penalty, not only of Davis if not all, of discriminatory, unfair and impossible to improve. “The death penalty should be abolished,” the paper concluded. So be it.

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